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happy holidays!
as things drastically change, i must say, i am grateful for the opportunities i took and those i crossed paths with because of the choices i’ve made this year. every one of them was worth it and has altered my life in some small way, even if they did not all lead to where i thought they would. even if their presence was for just a moment, a short period of time, or for the rest of my life. it was an eye opening year for me and i leave it with only one regret and to have but one regret in my twenty five years of existence is a blessing and a sign that i’m doing something right. but despite it all, i have hope for the new year and i have faith in my heart. “i will see you again. this is not where it ends. i will carry you with me.”
i hope you all reflect on this year and find something worthwhile in all of the chaos because no matter what, life will always be a random string of moments – chances and choices – opportunities you can either take or miss and both can define you and change your life. life will always be chaos but to be able to find the beauty in it, that’s the part worth living for. everyone deserves a beautiful life and something about this year was wonderful for you – has changed you for the better, or has affected you in some small way. i’m sure there were battles, hardships, obstacles, pain, heartache, suffering and things you may not have gotten over but you’ve learned to get through.. but somewhere in all of that, there was something that became a part of you this year. acknowledge that. and remember the end of the year does not mean the end of a chance or the end of a life, it’s just the end of a chapter – there are still many things that will carry over, people who will cross the threshold, and circumstances that can be rebuilt should you choose to rebuild them. it’s just a new chance where you can take it for all its worth or not.
i hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and happy new year.