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the mind is a peculiar realm often influenced by prior experiences. the way we think and feel, our perspectives and the way we live can be ultimately tarnished if we allow our pasts to corrupt our minds. the broken past of our youth, hearts, and homes do no good for the roller-coaster of emotion and circumstance that lies ahead in the present. jealousy, worry, self doubt, and insecurity are all causes of violent fatalities- to your heart, to your friendships, to your relationships, to yourself. these mechanisms send your mind into a whirlwind of distrust, skepticism, & worst case scenarios. where is it rooted from? the most difficult question because you’ve held this battle with yourself deep inside for so long.. there are only glimpses of its terrifying reality to outsiders. once you care, the glimpses become snapshots – all in pure intention and almost uncontrollable but you long for it to end. it is far too exhausting to constantly fight your mind in such a way, as if relationships are not difficult enough without worst thoughts and what Ifs and alternate scenarios coming into play. a wise man in my life who I’ve learned much from thus far and yet, has much to learn from me- has taught me a great lesson. at the end of today, leave today where it is and allow tomorrow to be completely new – for that is what it truly is. do not dwell on what has happened, do not contemplate how it could’ve gone another way because it can’t. it didn’t. minds are brilliant things; they can block out chunks of a life but they cannot forget the challenges, the obstacles, the pain and it can transform ones self into their own worst enemy. there is no worse pain than beating against your own skin, with your own fists and not knowing how to stop it. to change is to acknowledge what it is you must change. it is to let the days go as they pass, to alter the way we think, to allow experience to be just that, to have no room for negativity as we have much to be positive about. as a writer, one is constantly making up stories in their head- as it nurtures their imagination and creativity. however, to blame the artist for the nature of the beast is to look for a way out of blaming one’s self because it often seems so difficult to change the one thing you’ve always wanted to but never knew how to. you cannot change by allowing your mind to find justifications as to why it is normal. the thought process of the artist and the thoughts of the individual must be separated and only combined when art is being created. the mind is both brilliant and dangerous and if one constantly walks within, allowing these deeply rooted over bearing thoughts and over analytical ways consume their life, they will never find happiness. they will never survive. the mind can destroy you and everything you love if you do not learn to tame it.