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sometimes people are right, sometimes people are wrong but the only way to know for sure, is to find out for yourself. i’ve been through the runner- i’ve dealt with bad circumstances and even worse people because of choices I’VE made but i overcame every bit of it and i don’t wonder what if. i’ve let go, sometimes right in that moment, sometimes later than i should have, and sometimes i let go just like that – especially at this point in my life, letting go is about as easy as breathing. i believe the choices you make- they’re gonna hurt you, you’re gonna fail, and you’re gonna get a whole lot of ‘i told you so’s’, you may even lose people along the way (however, if you do, they’re people who didn’t truly care outside of themselves anyway) – OR, your choices are gonna turn into something extraordinary. but whichever way it goes, you must bear it so make sure it’s your choice in the end. but if it doesn’t sit right with you to let go of an opportunity, chance, desire, dream – whatever it is.. then i’m thinking there’s a reason for it.