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photographs capture the essence of a moment. it makes time stand still for what seems like just a moment but if you’re capturing the moment – then time stands still forever. photographs capture growth, evolving friendships, falling in love, taking chances.. we can freeze the moments of our lives in more than just our mind. pictures become memories – the documentation proving that we lived, not that we simply took breaths and had a beating pulse – that we really did something with our lives. they reflect the roads we chose and our limitless encounters. pictures are something that we can look back on, that sometimes make us cry and other times makes us laugh or smile, make us reminisce. there is nothing wrong with that. pictures are a reminder. a reminder of who we knew, what we did, who we were and who we became. i take pictures of everything. of friends and family, of lovers, of crazy moments that i choose to capture, of sunsets and beautiful architecture and landscapes, of food and baked goods i’ve created, of myself. God forbid a person ever forgets their life, it is the pictures that can bring them home. that can show them how their life has changed and how they have changed. i believe pictures are everything.