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I’m where I’m supposed to be. ideal situation or not. I haven’t gotten it all figured it out. a lot of people would judge me and my decisions but you know what I don’t really care. I have someone I trust, someone I care for, someone who I listen to and really hear them. I have someone who has made my life better, who has made me better. it’s not black and white, it’s never black and white. it’s never ideal but you know what, it’s real. and at the end of the day life is about moments. it’s about sharing moments with the people you care about, who care about you, who bring something to your life. at the end of the day, it’s about being happy. it’s about not letting those moments where you’re alone fill you with anything but happiness because you are leading a full life. it’s never gonna be the way you pictured life to go but it’s going to be the greatest adventure you could’ve been apart of. and it makes all the difference who you’re sharing that adventure with. at the end of the day, it’s you against the world so you be with the person who makes you happy – no matter what anyone thinks or says or believes. it’s not about them; their life is about them. this life is mine and I am claiming it. my relationship is mine. and cold nights feel a bit warmer, mornings feel a bit better, days feel worth it because of the people who I spend my time with. late at night I lay with thoughts of you and I think how much fuller my life has become since you became apart of it. the time I spend preparing to see you are days I look forward to something great for this adventure brings me into an unknown realm. you are walking beside me into the new chapter of my life where I become me. and scary as it can be, it feels right. and that is the true rarity. for something with someone to feel right without question, judgment, doubt, worry, or insecurity. because the world injects so much of these things in the cracks of our being, into the empty voids. but you are my escape from all things for you and I surpass time – we are epic – we are immortal – we are real in an unreal place.