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in the state of being

this was a choice between who i should be and who i am.
i’m not normal and i love every minute of it.
i take initiative. and i laugh.
i can be weird but i make things fun, i make
things interesting. i like that.
i like to make people smile. and think.
i trust in what i feel inside. i try.
my perspective is different and it cannot be
injected with the poisonous thoughts of a
judgmental society.
i believe in love.
i feel. and when i feel,
it’s honest. it’s real. and
it’s faithful.
and nothing in this world can change that.
i want to kiss you, deeply.
i want to know you. i want to know
the parts of you, no one else does.
i want to know your secrets, your passions,
your fears. i want to be there.
i want to make your life more beautiful-
your existence is a breath of fresh air,
lingering within me,
for months, weeks, days, hours.
you were just a stranger in my midst who
intrigued me with your beauty.
your presence, though new,
has made my life more beautiful.
it has made me believe. and know,
that i am not alone in who i am
and what i believe in.

-allison ryder