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leaving the town i knew
by allison ryder

i’m tired of this sleepless town;
roads to nowhere, driven by people
content in their settlement
or with a desperate will to get out.
childhood memories, past relationships-
where my heart once beat.
but my heart crossed waters, dove
into new realms. i’m no longer
complete here.
family and friends remain to be
my ties to the town I don’t belong in.
i have no objection looking back
but when i look forward,
my life lives across the horizon.
packed my bags, took a deep breath,
watched the trains come and go,
rattling the train tracks. my trace
is on this town. my heart lives
in all i’ve touched
but my heart has other plans now.
i traveled outside of
the only world i ever knew;
i found what i want, what i need,
i found another part of me.
a blank world where i can
imprint my identity,
where i can make it mine.
it’s a new chapter of my life,
i’m diving in – pen in hand.
i drive through, watch the land
diminish into the sky. as i glide onto the bridge,
i roll down my window and whisper,
to the first part of my life, as only
specifics will carry on through.
i’m going to make a life for me,
outside of the town i knew.