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start of something new
by: allison ryder

fear of moving too fast,
don’t want to scare you away.
fear of being misunderstood
but honesty flows, in your presence.
fear of pushing too far,
as romance leaks from my heart.
fear. fear. fear.
but I’m not afraid of the dark.
I can’t see the end of this
but I’ve found intrigue in your kiss.
it pulled me in, made me
want to know more. I want to know you.
but I’m willing to take the chance
before knowing for sure.
I don’t need invention, imagination,
when I’m standing here with you.
prone to over-thinking,
I don’t want to over-think anymore.
driven by emotion, let’s see
where this can go.
our roads were broken in the past
but we’ve made it to a new horizon,
amazing, I think
we’re creating something that will last.
call me crazy but I’ve always
felt this pull from you.
and if we give this thing some time,
it can be everything we’ve searched for-
the start of something new.