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sight beyond the flaws
by allison ryder

one cold december night, we planted a seed.
tucked it away in the snow.
countless hours passed with one motive,
to get to know,
everything there was about the other.
it was in one instant, like the time
it takes for a car to crash-
we went up in flames. lives rearranged.
time passed without words
but you never left my mind.
soon a kiss emerged, a kiss
that could not leave thoughts behind.
now we sit on the verge of the unknown.
one, unaware of how to take it slow;
for so much time has passed,
many wrong turns and dead ends,
now I want to take the chance.
I want to know.
let it begin before it ends.
there, a petal lies on the snow.
the seed froze in my flaws
but thawed in my transformation.
it’s amazing how the practice of
time and patience,
can allow the two of us to grow.