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by allison ryder

strayed away from the road
i was, perhaps, destined for
long ago. listened to some discouragement
in the passions i pursued.
perhaps, it was not due to belief that i
was not good enough, but because of fear,
of failure.
never accepted opinions, judgments,
or advice on other passions though.
i drove into these,
as if they were open flames. as if
i could not be burned. as if i could
pierce the world like lightning
but this lightning could not strike me.
as if i could not be killed. i have always
continued in my ways. fear not being an option,
comes with time, growth, circumstance.
broken bad habits was an effect
of people who were the cause.
people who made change easier.
for i wanted to be the best i could be.
for them.
for me.