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I love thunderstorms because there’s something beautiful about lightning.
I love the smell of matches and a raging fire of warmth and closure.
I love the look in someone’s eyes when they realize someone’s that person – the right person.
I love the feeling evoked within me when that perfect cool breeze sweeps past.
I love the cool crisp smell of fall that gives you the opportunity to enjoy natures’ wonders.
I love the sparkle of the first fresh snowfall of the season.
I love the innocent laughter of a child, the sight of a baby that warms my heart to the point of explosion.
I love doing something that scares me; the rush of adrenaline gives me a piece of life I never had before.
I love the mad, out of the ordinary actions of others who prove they’re the ones who will change the world.
I love people so I love talking, asking questions, and getting to know them down to their bones.
I love shocking people with my honesty; they end up with more respect than they’ve ever had before.
I love the look upon a person’s face when they become so engulfed by a movie, it’s as if they’re a part of it.
I love being intimate with someone I care for; there’s a kind of raw passion that can never be put into words.
I love when a person changes for the better because of something they’ve read.
I love people with passions and interests and dreams, and I love watching their dedicated eyes as they embark on their pursuit.
I love taking photographs and freezing the moment forever in time.
I love making everything beautiful.
I love the people who hold acceptance in their actions instead of fear when they see my intensity, for they can see it’s fueled by a pure heart.
I love taking chances, especially when it comes to people.
I love seeing a person who has been ripped at the heart, try again – because no matter how it killed them, love means everything to them.
I love people who have the respect, morals, beliefs, values, and strength to deliver me mind blowing, amazing, or insanely fatal honesty rather than surrender me to the most painful poision of silence.
I love love.

4.19.13 by: allison ryder