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only you
by: allison ryder

i could be satisfied by hands, by lips,
by seductive glances
but still, i hold a lingering thirst-
a longing,
for a satisfaction only you can deliver.
how our tongues intertwined, how you
ran your hand up my thigh..
lays imprinted in my mind.
crazed is the mind that counts the days
since our last encounter-
as if you lit a fire within me,
at the core of my being.
it vibrates my bones and rattles my voicebox.
no matter how much i search,
i need the reality of you-
i need your touch as if my life
depended on it for survival.
i need your fulfillment, completely within me-
to quench the thirst, to cure the starvation
you left me with.
like an animal with beastly instincts.
unlike an animal,
i crave your heart as much as your body.
i crave your life as much as your breath.
i crave you in such a way no other being could suffice.