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crimson eyes
by: allison ryder

crimson pupils never shed a tear
but there’s a storm gathering in her eyes.
shot at, nearly lost her life
about a hundred times.
but there’s no cracks in her skin,
there’s no blood leaking out,
beat until her bones bruise-
there’s no breaking her backbone down.
flashbacks of sandblasts. lives lost.
she falls asleep to terrified, painful
screams. every action has a cost,
all those lives lost, took some
for good measure.
a grenade like that
only stays silent for so long, weighs
down until it explodes. it’s a battle
between murderers and the brave,
between those who have nothing to lose
and those who have everything to lose.
it’s all a choice. she walks down a blood spilled
road, sheds some along the way.
an eye for an eye,
leaves the world without sight.
blood for blood,
solidifies an endless fight.