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by: allison ryder

i will make sure i never die;
not in the physicality, not in the decay
of my flesh and bones-
but in my memory, my heart, my legacy.
i will leave behind something extraordinary,
so i will never die. i will alter
all those i encounter with such a transformation,
their life is better and touched by my soul.
truth will come like daggers from my lips;
i will never lie, never leave with silence.
i will move the boulders trying to crush me,
from within my mind. i will move mountains and never stop,
until i change the world.
i will instill inspiration in dark corners,
encourage risk, trust, love.
oh love, how it causes amnesia of all worries, of all struggles,
and blissfully connects our lives with another-
whom we will share storms and sunsets with.
oh how it rips us open and leaves us for dead,
with no desire to feel such a way again.
but we will. we must.
i will be remembered for how i love.
i will never stop.
i will never truly be gone
because my legacy’s going to keep me alive some day.