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love at first sight
by: allison ryder

love at first sight?
if I believe.
I believe in the spark.
I believe in the movement of
pulse and heartbeat
when a person is near.
I believe a part of each is the same,
while another intrigues us
with excitement and difference.
I believe in the kiss. the kiss
that makes you long for more.
the kiss that determines friendship,
lust, or if that spark will lead to fire.
I believe in desire,
to know at the beginning that he is the one.
I believe in the connection
from which desire is created,
for them to be a part of everything you hold dear.
love at first sight?
if I believe.
but I believe in the pull between us,
the regret I would feel if
you leave, for I wanted to believe
I could know in the very instant
what we would be. let life happen.
give life a chance-
I must. I do not have foresight.
I do not wish it. I want to know
by simply being.
I must stop trying to figure it all out,
let the sparks illuminate you and me.
and then figure out,
in what I believe.