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time has a tendency of showing who a person is. there will always be small minded people with jealous blood, envious bones, and hatred in their hearts. there will always be people who judge you and lie to you. there will always be people who are your friend because they have a motive, not a heart. unfortunately we live in a world of deception, where people are always out to get one another, to hurt one another. if we are to allow such poison to enter & infect our lives, we will all end up alone- with hearts ripped & good friendships torn. if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life it’s that if someone’s out to get you, don’t let them destroy you or what’s in your life. as a writer, I know the power of words but as a person, I also know the power of heart. I know good people who are honest, & real, & behind me without question. so you can try to break me but I have a lot of things you don’t have, that’s why, in the end, you’ll fall.