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liebster award

as of 8/24/13 my blog was nominated for the liebster award by itsonlyacuddle.wordpress.com

“Submitted on 2013/08/24 at 5:46 am


I just nominated your blog for The Liebster Award! You can check out the details and how to take part here http://itsonlyacuddle.wordpress.com/2013/08/24/the-liebster-award/ 🙂 ”

thank you for this 🙂

i am extremely excited to be nominated for this award and thrilled to be apart of something so amazing. this is an award that only exists on the internet and it is given to a blogger by other bloggers. needless to say, i’m fairly new in the world of blogging but i am not new to being a writer. for as long as i can remember, this is what i knew i was meant to do – it is my passion, my dream, and my calling and i choose to pursue it despite the difficulties and obstacles i face along the way.

the individual who nominated me took the time to create some questions for me to answer and so, i would like to take the time to answer each of them…

Her questions:

1. What do you LOVE?

i love writing. i love photography. i love dancing. i love baking. then there are the people i love, who i love spending time with. the qualities about them that i fell in love with. and then there are things i love like bartending, movies, babies, husky’s and pitbulls, racing, motorcycles, atv’s, and quotes. then there are the little thing’s i love like holidays, hand written letters and birthday cards, romantic text messages or phonecalls, romantic dates, flowers, spending time with the people i care for, being told i’m thought of. then there’s waterfalls, sunrises and sunsets, stars, mountains, and nature. there is an endless amount of answers for this question – none more important than the next for they are all deeply a part of me and a part of the person i am. it is impossible for me to state one thing i love when it is all that i love, that defines me.

2. How would you define success?

to me, success is achieving my goals, making my dreams my reality, accomplishing the things i pursue. success is not defined by someone else- it is defined by the standards you create for yourself. it is not based on wealth or fame, it is about putting yourself out there and going after the things you want in life, and remaining dedicated and determined until they happen. an award like this is a success. graduating with high honors in English was a success. publishing my first book was a success. success is about succeeding with the things that matter most to you. it’s that feeling of happiness and completion at the end of the day because you did something with purpose- whether it be for yourself or for the world. you did it. that’s what success means to me.

3. Who is your biggest inspiration?

this has to be the most difficult question for me because i find inspiration in many different places and in the support and encouragement of those i hold closest to my heart such as my parents. i find inspiration within my nieces and nephew- simply in their birth for i want to be someone inspiring to them. i find inspiration within fictional characters and i find it in true leaders such as martin luther king jr. i find inspiration in music such as 30 seconds to mars, carrie underwood, eminem, the backstreet boys, justin timberlake. and this is just inspiration towards my writing. this is the best answer i can give to this question because i need to truly contemplate its contents, and still i may not come up with an answer better than this one.

4. What do you want to achieve?

i want to pursue business when it comes to my writing and my books and become an editor at a book publishing company. i want to be a published writer who is acknowledged and known for my writing in a positive light – as someone who inspires and helps people in a greater way. i want to change peoples’ lives for the better. i have a bucket list of over 200 things of what i want to achieve in my life and i want to achieve every one of these things before my life is over, for everything on there will give me an experience and a piece of life i didn’t have prior to accomplishing that number. i want to pursue my photography and baking and bring it to another level.

5. How do you travel?

by any means necessary. i will drive. i will walk. i will ride a quad. i will race against time. i will fly. but mainly car, quad, anything that speeds would be the way i travel on a daily basis because only, i can put myself in neutral.

in a greater spectrum of this question, since it can mean anything – i travel with an open mind and wide eyes, noticing everything i pass, embracing every ounce of beauty in such a simple atmosphere, seeing something more in everything that the majority calls ordinary. i travel windows down, music blasting and a camera in hand to document every moment because there is something powerful in the smallest moments.

6. What is your favourite food?

my favorite foods are chicken, pasta, and bread. gotta love those carbs 😉

7. Do you like singing?

i don’t have a like or dislike for it. i sing in the car, when i’m cleaning, and whenever i’m alone but i don’t think i can sing like christina aguilera or the backstreet boys but i like listening to those who can. i like the lyrics – they’re powerful, they’re poetry and that is my forte after all. singing is a part of music and music introduced me to dance. in my childhood, i would watch my favorite artists sing and dance in music videos and that is where my love for dance was born.

8. Are you a good dancer?

i am actually, very much so- and people never know it until they go out with me and see for themselves. dance is something i love very much. it’s a form of art and expression.

9. What is your favourite sport?

my favorite sports by far are dance, gymnastics, and football.

10. Would you give me a cuddle if you met me?

sure.. it’s what makes the world go round right? 😉

thank the person who nominated you & link/tag them to that blog where you will answer the 11 questions they have posted for you. once you’re done, nominate 9 people and post 11 new questions for your nominees to answer 🙂