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I love him. every single day, in every single way, with every breath in my body and beat in my heart. when I am around him, the entire world flushes through a tunnel – every thought, every doubt, every question, every fear. there is no search for the future, there is no wondering about purpose, there is just me and him in this infinite moment that keeps me alive. there is just this burning desire to be with him whether for hours or for twenty minutes. I would give my life for him, I would do anything for him. he makes me better. he makes me more myself. I feel this loss of breath and pitter patter of a heart that is full and complete. I could sit and listen to him speak for hours and every word drips with every reason why I love him, why I respect him, why I trust him with everything. it’s like tearing your soul, tearing the deepest part of you and handing it over to someone – here you go – and never looking back because you don’t need to. it’s that love that makes you forget any plan, any dream, any idea because since you’ve met him they all changed. the only thing you could want, need, or ask for is a lifetime of countless moments with him. I knew my purpose was to love but I stood on a twisted road, desperately searching for where I belonged. now I know. my purpose is to love him, through good and bad, for better or worse, forever. I love him and without him, there is no me.

-allison ryder