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my life is crazy and chaos and fast paced and messy, and I’m far too ambitious to do only one thing in life. I have passions and dreams and I believe in exploration and helping and making life even more beautiful. I write and it is so incredibly important to me, and I bartend and love every minute of, and I absolutely hate everything about doctors but I work for one and love the business aspect and learning people’s stories. I love so unconditionally and I give everything constantly and anyone who knows me can attest to that, and my life may be a crazy whirlwind but it’s MY life. I created it and I work for it everyday. and if you can accept the way I choose to live my life and my impatient, stubborn, sometimes unintentionally irrational flaws then you will also gain, amazing moments that will become the best times of your life with a person who will bring more good to you than you have ever known.

-allison ryder