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love isn’t about who’s worth dying for, it’s about who’s worth living for. it’s about a person who makes your life better, who makes you want to be the best person you can be. who looks out for you selflessly, who knows your quirks, your flaws, your mistakes but kisses you anyway. it’s someone you literally cannot see your life without.. their presence has no timer, their presence gives yours purpose. it’s someone so completely beautiful with a heart that has touched you in an unexplainable way. love isn’t about giving up yourself, it’s about becoming yourself. it’s about being in a natural and complete and strong and beautiful way. it’s a life changing journey. it’s unexpected and mind consuming and frustrating and such a blessing. it’s about something deep within you becoming alive. it’s a person you desire being around, who you have an intense chemistry and attraction to, so much that it pulls you towards them – so much that standing before them makes your heart beat senselessly inside. it’s someone whose past doesn’t scare you and whose secrets you don’t judge. it’s more than a simple feeling of wanting to fall asleep next to them or wake up beside them…. it’s your breath, your mind, your body, your heart; it’s a complete change in thought and in life. it’s an awakening of a part of you that you didn’t even know existed before now. that, is love.

-allison ryder