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This is the first time I’ve come across a job application that did not have some kind of form or request for your resume but I kind of appreciate that because as I sat down to contemplate what to write – I thought of all the raw truths my resume does not reflect and this is what I came up with. Hopefully it’s enough to get my break 🙂

My name is Allison Ryder and my resume identifies me as a hardworking, responsible, and dedicated worker with a professional, detail-oriented, and proactive approach. It states that I possess strong interpersonal, creative, computer, written, and verbal skills; with a profound knowledge of business, editing, and proofreading. It will also reflect my commitment to work while being a full time student and my experience in various different industries.
However, what it will not show is that I worked full time to put myself through school and that hard work paid off when I graduated with High Honors in English with a BA in English Writing and a minor in English Literature and how I was acknowledged on the Dean’s List. It does not show how I took my dreams into my own hands and was published in 2010 with a book of poetry titled “Words Left Unspoken,” through Janson Media. It does not reveal that I am in the process of publishing again but this time it is a book of poetry and a book of action fiction.
My administrative experience and background makes me an asset for many jobs but it is my love for writing and my dream to pursue editing and publication that makes me ideal for this particular position. Though my editing experience has been academic and personal; for myself and the works of friends, as well as on my personal blog, I count it because I utilize my knowledge to do it. My resume does not show how I assist, write, and edit resumes for my friends and co-workers, not for money but just by request. Ironically enough the courses offered through IAP are all industries I’ve had interest in since childhood. I have a list of passions, dreams, risks, and goals to pursue by the end of my life and working for an event planning/wedding decorating company or running one is on that list.
Perhaps stumbling across this position is more than simple interest but an act of mere fate. Perhaps I will learn more than I could have hoped for working for this company and this company will benefit from my commitment, talent, and skills. I have searched for a job which compliments what I went to school for, since I graduated in 2012 and I have not found one or I have not been given the chance to prove my value. This is more than a job position to me, this is my dream and I will put everything I have into pursuing it. This being a work from home position makes it even more worthwhile because I can edit as I write, in the comfort of my home. This is my field of study, my interest, and my primary focus and I would love the opportunity to work for your company.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.