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life is about moments. it’s about bucket lists, and dreams, and passions, and physical connections. it’s about kissing, and love, and taking chances, and traveling. it’s about doing things that scare you, and doing things that give you a piece of life you never had before. it’s about learning new things, and exploring. so when a person wants you to be a part of that, it’s because you mean something to them and this thing they’re going to do means something profound and they want to share it with you. that’s not to be feared, nor neglected, nor ignored – it’s to be appreciated and embraced. because that moment. it means something. and one day, you’re going to find yourself looking at that photograph and you’re going to feel something too. sharing moments with someone…. that’s the key. that’s what it’s truly all about. it’s not where you’re going, it’s who you’re going with. it’s who you’re sharing it with. that’s what matters.

– allison ryder