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The Disease of Optimism
by: Allison Ryder

it’s like the plague.
instead of the fatal, brutal finality
written in blood,
they don’t die. they survive.
i save your life, you save someone else’s,
that’s how it works. that’s how this works.
you bear it, you grin..
that grin eventually becomes the truth,
real enough to be passed along.
it’s a mind controlling disease
with a hopeful demise into something better.
it’s a sickened belief of the twist of fate,
a turn of events leaving you
where you wanted to be.
it’s an addiction. the powerful force
of an emotion. to alter perspective,
to give, to force out the truth,
to break the masks who deceive,
to transform our lives, to change life,
to believe.
it’s positively the one disease of security;
which confidently rebirths us – drives us
towards the light of a better day,
to another day, to tomorrow.
acceptance of the past,
hands grip the reins of today,
optimism rips through our skin for the future
like a disease flowing through the blood stream.
the line flattens, the cold sweeps in.
the beat is consistent. the strength of a family,
of a heart, of love, of determination.
the straight line makes waves. we break.
the disease of optimism holds no cure. no poison is stronger.
we break. but in hopefulness,
we wake. and stand immortal.