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write a poem about

the disease of optimism

the more we see, the less we know vs. the more we see, the more we know

title: “Another Language” or “Translation”

in two sections about two completely different things with a title linking them in a surprising way

prove your innocence

anything you say can and will be used against you

define poetry

entertain a myth or superstition

side effects

saint vs. sinner

about the richest person you know and the poorest person you know

side effects


concerning the absence of something

series of questions and answers to compose the poem

if you could see me now

who do you think you are?

about another state

the importance/significance of a dollar

how when you’re dead is when people start listening

reflecting a natural event

write it like a letter to someone, uncovering some truth

describe love without ever using the word love

describe heart break without ever using either word

that involves consequences


involves a rivalry

includes flirtation