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so i’m applying for countless editorial assistant positions and one of the applications says, tell us something unique about yourself – something that makes you stand out. i can go into countless details about what i like, who i love, my coffee addiction, random adjectives that describe me – as well as my work ethic, or i can do this….

words flow through my bloodstream
to a different beat.
not to reveal pain through bitter teeth
but to reveal truth surrounded by heart,
portray the moments between breaths-
fueled to impact, my words are the start.
words emerge when my body bleeds,
to do this job is my reason to breathe.

-allison ryder

you wanted something unique? find me another application where someone applies with poetry. you can take the candidate with seventeen internships or you can take me. i can’t speak for them but i can tell you i want this – this is my dream. and i’m just working for a chance.