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fuck the judgmental, close minded, disrespectful people out there. I have tattoos so you classify me into that type of person. what type is that? you brand me with some name because you don’t understand me. fuck you. you don’t know what I think or what I feel because you never gave me a damn chance. who am I? I’m a writer, an artist, I have a degree and a job. I have more heart, compassion, honesty, and ambition than anyone you will ever meet. I give limitlessly & I do things for people because it makes me happy. I believe in God, I support the gay community, I’m against violence & discrimination, & I’m pro choice. I fought like hell to get to where I am and I fight like hell for the people who matter to me. I don’t give up. I choose to do better, to be better, to try to make other peoples lives better, to make people happy. I see the best in the darkest of corners, I see beauty and poetry where others see a mere hello. I over appreciate and I love aggressively and I don’t take life for granted. I care a lot about the people who matter to me and what they think but I don’t care for judgments and misconceptions, and I’ll be damned if I’ll silently walk away in fear. I take chances and I have the courage to be who I am, good and bad, flawed and beautiful. I’m not a corrupt slave to a system of money and power where difference is beneath the law. I get hurt & I don’t hurt back. I feel sorry for you that you can’t see the art on people’s skin and see beauty that was once bare. I feel sorry that you can’t see how artists make this world better and behavior like yours is the problem. I feel sorry that you have so much fear and ignorance that you stand here with judgments and stereotypes but refuse to listen when my blood drips truth. who am I? No. Who are you.