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my works are only deemed offensive when they offer a web of reality and imagination outside of what you can fathom. TY for the compliment. #allisonryder

you will get but one explanation to better understand my works but no apology for the gift I have been blessed with and the way I am able to reflect it. as a writer, I always mean to be explicitly provocative and imaginatively honest. I always intend to evoke feeling and open the mind, perspective, and soul to different and alternate sides. I am neither discriminatory nor offensive. but my works can be perceived as offensive, only when they hold words which differ from your own opinions, when they are neither tarnished nor torn by majority nor conformity. my job is not to comfort your mind and imagination, but to fuel it. I exaggerate life; I take hardships and transfer them to a wonderland of horrors, I take the spark that trembles your bones in excitement and I plunge into that heartbeat. I write in ricocheted bullets with purpose in defining moments in a story that cannot be masked as anything short of the complexities of life. I am so often misunderstood as a realistic and nonfiction writer when my genres are fiction poetry and fictitious action novels. this is because the life particles I transfer are uncensored and I will not repeat, defend, nor apologize for the realms my imagination travels through. good writing climbs boundaries and travels outside of the comfort zone. it’s not a force you must succumb to, it’s a piece of art you choose to embrace in. you may deem my writing as personal or offensive but it is neither; it is simple.. you are either not open to deeper thinking and a colorful world created by an artist or you do not want to taste the reality that spins within the web of immortality.

-Allison Ryder