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real friends are rare; they are there for you unconditionally, honestly, and without judgment. they don’t push you aside or forget about you when their life changes or when things get better for them, they bring you along and make a space for you. they support you in bad times and help you just by being there, just by doing the smallest things that matter. they give their love and their time. even when life gets busy and free time becomes rare, the time not speaking or not seeing each other doesn’t change the friendship. they think of you, they make efforts to keep in touch and keep you involved. they don’t just use you when it’s convenient, when shit’s bad, when they haven’t quite yet figured out their road and then act like they don’t know you once they do. life gets busy, people change, life changes but real friends don’t succumb to ungrateful ways.. they appreciate all the time that’s past as it makes them strong, they enjoy all that is present, and look forward to enjoying all of the adventures that lie ahead with all of the people who matter. people are supposed to be different..
people who truly want to be in your life accept and appreciate that. real friends are rare and as life changes, their actions towards your friendship show you who they are.

-Allison Ryder