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Nothing is more challenging than being diagnosed with cancer. It’s not something you foresee happening and to know that your body is betraying you is a horrible thing. It tears at you in an unspeakable way and it affects your life tremendously. It changes your views of the past and your perspective of the future. It changes the way you leave. Some choose to share their battle with the world, others choose to fight silently. Some choose to leave no words unspoken and no bucket list goals and dreams undone, some choose to not allow the sickness to dictate their life, their time, or warp the actions and words of others. A cancer patient knows how it affects them but never how it affects a loved one. To know someone you love and care about suffers and struggles with cancer and to know there is nothing you can say or do to change the verdict or truly help them is a helpless feeling. All you can do is wish you were dealing with it instead of them but support the reality of it, be hopeful, and try to make the best out of an uncontrollable situation. But as much as it pains you to know, you would rather know and have that time with them and be strong with them and give me them hope and heart if they find themselves losing it.

And then I read this story that truly touched my heart.

Isabella Harvey was diagnosed with leukemia when she was just 3 years old. Now at 5 years old, she battles a second time and finds herself losing her hair as a cost of the chemo and radiation treatments and she doesn’t find herself as secure about losing her hair. She will not take her hat off in public. Aside from having cancer, she is a normal little girl wanting to be and meet a Disney princess. Her mother reached out to make this little girls’ dream come true. But this was not your typical Cinderella – with the help of Mother Hubbard Photography and Gianna Nicole’s Heart of Hope Foundation of Staten Island – this Cinderella was a bald princess, just like little Isabella – restoring confidence in herself despite the challenges of her sickness. In light of the holidays, this is truly the reflection of the magic of the season.