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Darling, You

darling, you are my fire, my smell of coffee,
and a childhood memory of comfort.
darling, you are my passion in the bitter winter nights,
my sweat in the toss and turn of the sunrise.
darling, you are the stumble in my step and the persistently nervous
shake of my leg and tap of my toes.
darling, you are the space between stars and the loss of breath in that
run of fresh air.
darling, you are silent like a cheetah
and powerful in your strike,
kiss me softly and I melt into your arms,
kiss me harder and I moan for you,
my moan seeks you, it needs you
to have tune.
darling, you are the change in me
like the rush of fallen leaves into
winter snow.
darling, you are then pen in which my blood flows into,
turning language into poetry and my spoken words
into a surrender to you.

-Allison Ryder