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the debacle of family is what makes blood what it is, is the expectation of loyalty but not delivering it..when it’s only one sided, it’s like choosing a friend over your family and then getting mad when family does the same. the debacle of blood is the necessity of honesty, of not playing games, or ever trying to intentionally hurt the other person but in anger, handing out addresses like a fucking executioner. the argument differentiating family and friends is the unconditional love and secrets families can hold without end but the true reality is friends speak anger and flaws to you, while family tells the whole world a partial truth that justifies them and makes someone else look bad; pity me and hate them because I’m the victim..no. that’s not how this will go. the thing about blood is it’s supposed to come first but when blood is constantly being spilled and bandaged up so the full truth’s not seen, when the bandage is ripped off, you bleed out.

-Allison Ryder