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by: Allison Ryder

change breaks the threshhold
like the first crisp breeze of fall
or the scent of winter’s first snowfall,
like the comfort of a bare body in spring sheets
or the first touch of cool water under a burning sun.
searched a twisted road for this change,
something to break the chains of my past,
transform me far from who i was,
deep into another part of me.
i drowned in the flames that consumed my body,
as hot as it was, it brought peace to my mind,
a whirlwind in my heart,
but that of love’s fluttering kiss.
my body succumbed to the heat
and i rose from the ashes. derived from the past,
into rebirth. complete freedom as steel chains
released their reins on the entrapment i’ve been enslaved to.
i had to lose everything to gain myself;
i had to embody pure freedom and utter breakage
to find solace. often times, we bleed to find redemption.
we call them scars instead of turning points.
we call them scars to hold onto them,
to revisit, to reopen, to bleed again.
i am a stranger to these scars
and that is happiness.
change breaks the threshhold
and all i was succumbs to it,
as i become who i am. change deafens
the care of judgments, it defeats the fear of difference.
this change is strength,
and with it, the waves drown out
those who can’t keep up with the tide.
they become strangers to me, just rocks lost at sea.
i can’t swim alongside those
anchored to an old me.