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to the stars and back
by: Allison Ryder

written in the constellations;
such an uproar in the natural order
when you and i were placed
side by side. meteors showered the sky
at the speed of lightening —
strikes the glass in the sand,
warps it as genies warp water
around their fingertips.
we look up and the north star looks down at us.
guides us on our way–
our individual path and our road united. nurtures us.
capricornus. hercules. libra.
pegasus. perseus. phoenix.
held together by its own gravity,
luminous in existance, radiating through the atmosphere
as our stars collided.
written in the constellations,
this line between us was made.
i was born to collapse into you
and as you navigate, let the north star forever be
your map back into these arms of mine.