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just because I feel a certain way doesn’t mean I’m automatically aiming for something, that’d be like wanting to kill someone just because I don’t like them. or wanting to be with everyone I like. I’m a tough cookie to break but no one can care more or love deeper than I do for the people I choose and no one will show that care and appreciation in every way humanly possible like I will – and no one can detach quicker when I’m betrayed or intentionally hurt or on a different page than someone. If I want something, I go for it fearlessly don’t get me wrong but I aim and shoot once and then my efforts come out in different ways or all becomes silent & still if hurt and betrayal were sent my way. as mysteriously intricate as I am, I’m overly honest so if you want to know, ask. it won’t be sugar coated but it’ll be real. 

-Allison Ryder