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I feel stuck.

this is all I wanted 

with someone I can never have.

it’s happiness in the present 

with an unraveled future,

not put together yet.

I feel stuck.

between what I want and what I have.

I feel stuck in a life I don’t like,

it’s not the one I worked my ass off for.

I feel stuck with a reflection 

of a lost soul.

who am I?

where did I go? 

I feel stuck,

stuck in quicksand, stuck apologizing 

for everything – 

stuck without the people I want 

and with people who don’t understand me. 

I feel stuck and tired and tired and stuck,

giving up and giving in. 

feels like I’m standing in my grave,

waist drenched in soil,

face looking at the world – 

I had ambitions and dreams,

now I’m just asleep. 

I’m stuck, stuc, stu, st – 

they said stay. 
-Allison Ryder