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if i write about heartbreak, i’m sulking at home mourning the loss of love
if i write about love, i must be wed.
if i write about depression, pain, sickness, i must be dying or cutting myself, dead.
if i write about two girls kissing, i must be gay.
if i write about sex with a man, i must be straight today.
if i write about anger, i must’ve had a fight and been talking about you.
and then they have the audacity to claim you’re publicly diminishing them in poetry.
if it’s not facebook official, you must not be in love.
if it’s on instagram, it must be true.
if it’s a quote – it must be how you feel, must be what’s happening.
some don’t seek other’s approval – don’t care for other’s perception,
some artists just write.
i’m writing stories, now you think you know me.
the accusations and judgments are getting old.
i don’t write nonfiction. you’ll never know me,
my story will never be told.

-Allison Ryder