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dear you,
i said i wouldn’t write
our story on the walls,
but here i am.
pencil font, hoping you will change it.
dear you, yes you,
you know who you are.
honest and loyal companion,
walked around the midst with me.
just as lost and as broken,
stood side by side until we found our way.
both homeless, both hungry,
we took each other in.
when no one else was there,
we filled those voids.

spun around at the cusp of night
and you were gone.
false reasons, misconstrued judgments.
who are you and what am i?
just an excuse to blame?
i put all my trust in you,
opened up my secretive heart
and you just threw it away.
not forcing you to stay
but if you want to leave,
have the audacity, the respect
to say goodbye.
don’t tell me
they’re wrong for their silence,
drill it in my mind, claim to care,
then turn around,
and rip out your tongue.

dear you, yes you.
with anger, i won’t tarnish
these bricks with an ill tongue.
with hurt, I’ll just try to scream
to get to you.
my estranged sister,
how lost i am now.
who are you and what am i?
what would you tell your daughter
if these were her cries?
how do you leave, emotionless,
with no reason, with no goodbye?

-Allison Ryder