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lesson of the night:
he’s just not that into you isn’t just a movie, it’s a rule book.
if someone doesn’t text/call you, they don’t want to. if they don’t answer you, they don’t want to talk to you. if they’re free but don’t make plans with you, they don’t want to see you. 
it is that black and white. their phone didn’t break, it didn’t fall in the toilet, they didn’t die, they didn’t forget. 
so as annoying as it is, as much as it bothers you, hurts you, angers you, you can’t control it, so just let it be. 
there’s like two people in life i religiously ignore because nothing bothers me more, so i don’t do it to people, so i know how hard it is to not try or to not get an answer or to want to see someone so much and they’re just on a different page but at the end of the day, if they wanted to, they would so try and go on with your life because until they come forward with honesty, you’re never gonna know why. you can’t control everything so let it be. 
-Allison Ryder