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Meet the Artist

by: Allison Rydergaby1


Gabriella Estrakh – Interior Design Student derived from a focus in art.


Gaby is a full-time student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, due to graduate in 2018, who has had a love for painting since her adolescent years. Throughout high school, she devoted herself to a concentration in art. Sketching is a habit for this young and talented artist. Not only does she draw up designs for various venues, institutions, hotels, and homes, but she acts as a storyteller creating client profiles and imaginative designs. Now, she is using her interior design experience and infiltrating it into brilliant paintings as an artist employed by Pinot’s Palette North Shore, in Staten Island, New York. Where others simply see a painting, she sees a masterpiece to analyze and replicate with her own artistic touch. Gaby begins every instruction by stating, “It’s nice to share this warm and fuzzy feeling I get when I’m painting, with you guys.” She continues to say, “It’s awesome to see so many people of all different professions and interests coming together to share this experience that is so different from what they’re used to. It’s nice seeing people defer from their comfort zones and try something new.”


When speaking of Pinot’s Palette, Gaby is filled with pride; “It’s really amazing to have found a job I enjoy and where I am doing something that I genuinely love. They say that the key to the perfect job is a place where you never have to work a day in your life, and that’s how I feel because this is something I love so much and it’s a place where I can become inspired and create art.”