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Painting it Forward

-Allison Ryder


Pinot’s Palette is hosting not one but two fundraisers for March for Babies (previously named March of Dimes). The first March of Dimes walkathon was held in 1970 and now, it is held yearly in over one thousand communities across the nation. Donations will be made per painter at both of these events and all proceeds help fund research to prevent premature birth, birth defects, and infant mortality.

In doing an event such as Painting it Forward, they provide the platform for foundations to raise money for various causes near and dear to their heart. The hope is to tie the diversities of society with art, to fight for a cause through self-expression. Pinot’s Palette not only provides a fun atmosphere where painters can express and customize their creativity, but it’s a uniquely enjoyable method to benefit both the person donating and the fun they are giving back to.


One fundraiser is through the March for Babies organization on Wednesday, February 15th 2017 from 7-9pm (Arrive at 6:30pm). This glass class allows painters to be expressive with purple hearts and St. Patrick’s Day designs. Purple is the symbolic color for March for Babies. Pay $40 for your wine glass set, with knowledge that a part of that money will be helping those who cannot fight for themselves.




“Wine Glass Class” February 15th 2017

Our second fundraiser will be held by IS 51 in honor of March for Babies. On Friday March 31st 2017, painters will be painting “Colorful Swirly Sky” from 6-8pm (Arrive at 5:30pm). At $40 per painter, $10 will be donated per painter to the March for Babies foundation.




“Colorful Swirl Sky” March 31st 2017


Pinot’s Palette is a business with compassionate and ambitious acts to give back to the community. They set the bar for art, allowing it to act as a voice; it’s a form of self-expression, a method of action, a way to come together and raise awareness and funds for the causes that matter to the people of Staten Island.