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you hold onto the fire

like it would burn you alive to let go.

you left me with third degree burns;

every word that left your lips,

that put tireless hands to work

in typing up my demise

and sending it without a second thought.

then you ran. you hid behind the pain

you caused me, as if i hurt you.

you tore me down to pieces.

pointed fingers that weren’t clean

and deemed me unfit to carry.

no matter how irresponsible your choices;

i never would’ve made you feel badly

for being human. for choosing your own road.

but you did. i don’t know why.

and i don’t search for validation

for your unforgivable use

of a beautiful language.

you hurt me.

and you don’t get to deem yourself

a good friend

for not acknowledging that.


-Allison Ryder