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Five Gifts Every Bride Needs

By: Allison Ryder



Everyone is always searching for the perfect gift for your best friend, sister, niece, etc. for their bridal shower. You don’t want to simply get something off the wedding registry with no thought attached to the person you went through thick and thin with. We all struggle with this eventually. Trying to come up with the perfect gift that’s meaningful but also useful, and not just going to end up in the back of the closet somewhere.


We’ll give you some place to start.



The first gift is making a basket of wine. One bottle for every monumental aspect of the happy couple’s first year. Attached to each bottle of wine should be a short and sweet poem associated with the reason they’re opening it. Examples would be: first fight, first Christmas, first baby, first house, wedding night, first Thanksgiving, first Anniversary, and so on. This allows you the freedom of choosing wines they love or all different kinds to taste test and personalizes it to help them get through their good and bad times together.



The second is taking something that the bride to be wants, off of the registry and filling it with all kinds of other necessities. An example would be filling that new mixer with personalized kitchen towels, measuring cups, and any other small kitchen equipment customized to things she likes (a corkscrew if she loves wine, cupcake holders if she likes baking, etc.). You can pretty much do this with anything off the registry. For a new coffee pot, you could do personalized coffee mugs with it, for the bedding set, you can add a personalized blanket with their date on it, and so much more!



The third is a tear jerker and will never be a washed-out gift. Making a scrapbook for the bride to be from finish to start of your journey’s together leading up to this monumental moment will be an overly-appreciated and sentimental gift that pairs nicely with anything. Include photos, memories, and even old concert or movie tickets. Anything you have to make it extra special and personal. Might want to wrap some tissues for this one!



A honeymoon basket is the forth. Bridal Showers tend to focus on all the new inventions and necessities the bride and groom will need after the wedding day when they’re settling into their new home, but what about the honeymoon? You can find out where they’re going and give a credit towards something in the vicinity where they can go or something they can do, or you can get a ‘honeymoon fund’ bank to fill with some money, while also filling the basket with everything they no longer have to think about it. Fill it with things such as: sunscreen, tanning lotion, bride and groom flip flops or bridge and groom attire, beach towels, his and her travel cups, advil, tums, sunglasses, honeymoon bound luggage tags, aloe vera lotion, magazines for the plane, or a bottle of champagne, just to name a few.


And last but not least, an alternative gift for the bride to be is a masterpiece with the touch of Pinot’s. Here at Pinot’s Palette, we host many bridal showers and we offer a keepsake painting for an additional fee. This is the perfect gift for a bride to be. We have plenty of different choices but a great one to do, especially from bridesmaids or a family would be to do one of our paintings with trees in it. Instead of leaves on the trees, everyone would place their finger in some paint and place their fingerprint on the canvas to create the artistic leaves. Not only is this a beautiful piece created by one of our many talented artists, that she will be able to display in her new home, but it’s something personal and one of a kind for her to cherish for all the years to come.