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because it’s easier to be hateful and jealous and cruel. it’s easier to ignore and lie and belittle one another. but women are strong and curious and loving. women are badass at being independent and notorious for no longer fighting when we’re not appreciated. we take breaks and bruises and limitless emotions and carry them, and transform it all into stepping stones to build our own damn castle. you need a hero? be your own hero. you need real good advice? try a therapist. you need to text your ex? trying changing need to want and buying a journal. you’re beautiful and strong and shouldn’t label yourself as flawed or perfect. you just are. you’re you. you’re present. you exist. so live with passion. be badass. live an alternative lifestyle without apology. 
because i know what it’s like to be told “you’re too much.” i know what it’s like to walk on eggshells and for your feelings to be belittled. i know what it’s like to care way too much and not ever get that back, especially not from the people you gave it too. because i know what it’s like to see color in dark spaces. because i know what it’s like to be judged by your mistakes and devoured by your insecurities. because i feel fierce and good about the woman i’m still becoming. because i’m accomplished and educated and blessed. and that’s not something to take advantage of. not ever.
-Allison Ryder 
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