everyone always complains that they don’t have enough time – they fear they’re missing things with their kids, not spending enough time with their kids, don’t have a chance to do small hobbies, don’t have a chance to relax, can’t get to cleaning the house, can’t get to exercising, need a vacation, don’t want to work for a few days .. there are so many complaints about not having time .. Now, under terrible circumstances, You Have Time.

Stop complaining and take this for what it is.

So appreciate it and make the best of it. Be grateful you’re alive and healthy. Be grateful time slowed down for you and now you can do all of the things you complained about. Take this opportunity to put your phone down and spend time with your children and your family. Teach your kids something new, experience things together. Be present. Spring clean. Scrapbook. Cook. Bake. Make a pillow fort. Find a new hobby. Binge watch that show you’ve been dying to see. Get your kid on a schedule. Hug your family. Take a walk. Pick some flowers. Fold that everlasting load of laundry. Laugh with them. Kiss. Love.

98% of people are afraid whether they admit it or not – of the unknown, of the contradictory stories, of not knowing the truth, of the virus, for those they love, of going outside, of people, of dying – all rational fears.

Be appreciative and be grateful. Heed to the warnings if you’re not in the front line; not just police, military, emt, firefighters, nurses, but workers in various medical offices and animal hospitals, gas attendants, grocery store workers, tellers, doctors, drivers .. anything that is still open where people need to go to work, like me or my mom, or any of my friends.

Be happy and grateful you get this break with the people you love. Be grateful you’re not fighting for your life or planning a funeral or on a ventilator, etc. and if you are doing any of those things, I’m sorry for what you have to go through. Time is slowing down and this is your shot. So make it count and don’t be an idiot.